Our Trucks

Shipping challenges come in all shapes and sizes. So do our solutions. From mechanical horses to tri-axles, we can move that freight to point A to point B.

The company under the Transport Division has 8 haulage trucks with a carrying capacity of 30 metric tonnes. The trucks comprise of 5 mechanical horses imported from the United States of America and 3 procured locally as well as the to-axle trailers that they pull.

Every <strong><em>Destination</em></strong> Has A Starting Point

We are based out of Zimbabwe with emphasis on South Africa, Zambia and other major surrounding destinations.

Hatridge Investment is a registered company that was formed in 2014. The company's main focus is offering haulage transport services countrywide and regionally. We also trade in various industries and commodities to enhance the company's stature and stability.


16988 Sande Cresent

Stand 1853 Prospect Industrial

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