Haulage transport services dedicated to a tailored customer experience, punctuality and performance.


1. Kings Inter Africa (Logistics Company)
2. Beta Bricks (Bricks Company)
3. Allen Wack & Shepard (Clearing & Shipping Forwarders)
4. Star International (Logistics & Transport)
5. Insburg Freight (Logistics Company)
6. FR8Afrique (Transport & Logistics)
7. Bindura Haulage (Transport & Logistics)
8. B.G.S (Logistics & Suppliers)
9. Metro Peech (Commodity Distributors)
10. United Refineries (Cooking Oil & Soap Manufacturer)


The Transport Division mainly does cross border routes, South Africa and Zambia being the major destinations however, we are currently working on networking to get into Mozambique, DRC and Malawi. The company is also in the process of acquiring rigid trucks to augment both the transport and trade divisions. Trading Division is in the process of negotiating with several Chinese companies, in China, to be an agent for various goods and wares here in Zimbabwe.

Every <strong><em>Destination</em></strong> Has A Starting Point

We are based out of Zimbabwe with emphasis on South Africa, Zambia and other major surrounding destinations.

Hatridge Investment is a registered company that was formed in 2014. The company's main focus is offering haulage transport services countrywide and regionally. We also trade in various industries and commodities to enhance the company's stature and stability.


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